CBD Oxygen CanisterCBD Oxygen Canister

In its “CANNABIDIOL (CBD) Pre-Review Report” compiled for last November’s 39th meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated, “In clinical trials, CBD has been demonstrated as an effective treatment for at least some forms of epilepsy,” and noted a wide variety of other conditions for which CBD has shown promise in treating or alleviating. The report lends credibility to the growing body of anecdotal evidence that CBD could have therapeutic benefits for people suffering from everything from Alzheimer’s to depression to chronic pain.

Oxygen And Cannabis

CBD is part of everyday life for those who already smoke or consume marijuana. But for people who cannot or do not want to use another widely known cannabis compound–tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid responsible for the high associated with marijuana, CBD has been just out of reach–until now.

Thanks to a new partnership between oxygen-and-cannabis aromatherapy pioneer CannaO2 and Seattle’s encapsulated CBD leader Haystack Caps, CBD infused oxygen is available for the first time in a small, palm-sized canister that fits in a gym bag, a purse, or even a pocket. Similar to an asthma inhaler, the new CBD-infused oxygen canister is tasteless, smokeless, and odorless. But it carries a therapeutic-grade dose of CBD derived from 100% organic cannabis, along with pure Aviators Breathing Grade Oxygen (ABO) for a clean, sustained energy boost with each inhalation.

“CBD-infused oxygen will revolutionize the way CBD is delivered,” explained CannaO2 CEO Tyler Slater. “When a person is having an epileptic seizure, for instance, it’s difficult to get the CBD tincture underneath their tongue. With CannaO2, you can literally place the mask up to their face, pull the trigger, and let them breathe normally.”

haystack-4lifeCBD Infused Oxygen

In states where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, some people may enjoy the effects of both CBD and THC but prefer not to smoke. For them, the new CannaO2 and Haystack Caps partnership will produce CBD infused oxygen canisters with or without THC from any strain of cannabis flower included via CannaO2’s proprietary technology.

The new CannaO2 CBD infused oxygen canisters were inspired, as most market disruptors are, by an unmet need. “We have had so many requests from people who have never tried cannabis and don’t want to smoke it, yet they need the benefits of CBD,” Slater stated. “Well, now we have something for them.”

The actual design of the CannaO2 CBD oxygen canisters will be revealed in the June 2018 issue of Marijuana Venture Magazine. Shortly thereafter, consumers will be able to purchase CBD-infused oxygen canisters for the first time ever.

About CannaO2

Founded in 2017, CannaO2 is a Dallas-based company that provides 95% Aviators Breathing Grade Oxygen (ABO) in a can infused with a proprietary blend of 100% organic cannabis-derived terpenes and normal ambient air. The unique smokeless marijuana alternative is legal in all 50 states and delivers up to 130 two-second inhalations from each canister. Ideal for servicing venues and non-medical situations where people can become oxygen deficient due to high altitude, overexertion or polluted environments, CannaO2 does not require a prescription. Along with its partnership with Haystack Caps to deliver CBD infused oxygen canisters, the company is currently developing a smaller can capable of 50 inhalations.


Canna02 looks to revolutionize how experienced and refined weed users get high. Thanks to its proprietary blend of 95% pure-grade oxygen and a cannabis-derived terpenes infusion, Canna02 delivers a pure and powerful marijuana experience that can legally be enjoyed anywhere. There’s no classier way to simulate smoking without the smoke.