Grand Daddy Purple


Grand Daddy Purple is a classic indica-dominant hybrid that packs an intense berry and sweet grape aroma. This strain, a cross between Big Bud X Puple Urkle and has been incredibly popular since it was introduced in 2003 by Ken Estes. While your thoughts may float in a dreamy buzz, your body is more likely to find itself fixed in one spot.

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They don’t call it “Grand Daddy” for nothing. Arguably the best known purple strain in the United States, Grand Daddy Purple enjoys a reputation for delivering a quality high for experienced weedsters only: newbies are to stick to two hits max, letting their bodies and brains adjust to Grand Daddy Purp’s wallop of a punch. Once they can stomach it, new users will be singing the Purp’s praises for how seamlessly it helps them transition from wallflower to chilled-out social butterfly. But only cannabis connoisseurs will be aware of the chemicals beyond THC responsible for this powerful effect in Grand Daddy Purple.

It’s terpenes, not just THC, that lend Grand Daddy Purple a one-of-a-kind impact and flair. Terpenes are scent-heavy oils that provide cannabis with its aromatic complexity and irresistible quality. For the first time in history, these chemicals are giving THC and other well-known weed chemicals a run for their money in terms of buzz and respect from the medical community.

Among the hundreds of types of terpenes out there, there are four that Grand Daddy Purple possesses in clinically worthwhile quantities:

● Linalool
● Pinene
● Caryophyllene
● Myrcene

Linalool, one of the lesser-known terpenes found in weed, features a floral aroma, every now and then with a touch of spice. Linalool takes on several roles in relieving a number of symptoms, including:

● pain
● depression
● seizures
● inflammation
● insomnia (thanks to its sedative action)

Linalool’s tranquilizing effects are a boon for those grappling with many types of psychosis. This terpene’s anti-inflammatory capacities enable it to tackle serious and well-known ailments like cancer, arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

Caryophyllene, another terpene in Grand Daddy Purp, has been lauded for ceasing serious damage in the nervous system and brain. Cannabis pros mention this terpene as the reason for black pepper’s spiciness; it can be found in cloves, hops and rosemary as well. Caryophyllene is called on very frequently in chewing gum recipes, especially when combined with other spicy mixtures or citrus flavorings.

Caryophyllene feature the following potential medical benefits:

● Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
● Alcohol craving reduction
● Anti-cancer
● Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant

Pinene shows up in Grand Daddy Purple as well. Pinene wields a noticeably strong scent, and cannabis strains featuring pinene, like Grand Daddy Purp, are well regarded for helping with memory retention and alertness. This terpene also improves medical issue like inflammation and breathing issues like asthma.

More than almost any other terpene, myrcene has been liked with the so-called entourage effect” in cannabis culture. This is a synergistic principle that take place because of how the terpene enhances the impact of other cannabinoids in Grand Daddy Purp, to the end of creating a weed experience greater, and more enjoyable, than the sum of its parts alone.

Another little myrcene factoid for you: rumor has it that consumption of mangos leads to an increase of THC’s potency. The final verdict? This comparison is actually true. Gorge on a mango about an hour before you indulge in Grand Daddy Purple and you’ll be in Mary Jane heaven.

Love Grand Daddy Purple? Ever tried it during the day? Please comment to us below on your experience with this strain and, if you can, how its terpenes have heightened the smoke experience for you.